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The minister retired on 31st January, 2023.
Recordings are not being published at present but live audio of services continues.

Audio Tracks from 12 Recent Services of Public Worship.

Sun29-Jan-2023 PM3 Tracks
Sun29-Jan-2023 AM3 Tracks
Wed25-Jan-2023 PM3 Tracks
Sun22-Jan-2023 PM3 Tracks
Wed18-Jan-2023 PM3 Tracks
Sun15-Jan-2023 PM3 Tracks
Sun15-Jan-2023 AM3 Tracks
Wed11-Jan-2023 PM3 Tracks
Sun08-Jan-2023 PM3 Tracks
Sun08-Jan-2023 AM3 Tracks
Wed04-Jan-2023 PM3 Tracks
Sun01-Jan-2023 PM3 Tracks